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The following is the video library listing of the Montana Dental Association. The videos are available for use by members of the Montana Dental Association at no charge. To request a video, contact the Montana Dental Association Office at 1-800-257-4988 (in Montana)


1. Dental Materials: Adhesives In Dentistry (Kanca, AGD Video Journal of Dentistry)


3. AIDS and Hepatitis B - Prevention For The Dental Health Team (w/booklet)
2. AIDS (60 mins./Koop)
3. Crossfire: Mandatory Testing (Bergalis Testimony To Congress)
4. Investigative Reports: Is it Safe?/Mandatory Testing - HIV


8. Mercury Amalgams: CBS 60 Minutes, December 1990)
5. Lifetime TV Dentistry Update: Dental Amalgam & Alternative Restorative Materials
6. The Art and Science of the Complex Amalgam Restoration


12. ADA - Dental Benefits Delivery System (3rd Party Payment; 25 mins.)
7. Accurate Reporting: The Key to Dental Insurance Claims (w/booklet)
8. ADA - Trouble with Insurance


15. Teeth are Good Things to Have (Cartoon; elementary & up - covers basic dental concepts)
9. The Haunted Mouth (4th grade & up - plaque is the invisible predator)
10. Clean, Cleaner, Cleanest - How to Brush (4th grade & up)
11. Tooth Brushing with Charlie Brown (Cartoon; elementary)
12. Dudley=s Visit to the Dentist (Cartoon; Elementary)
13. Dudley=s Classroom Adventure (Cartoon; Elementary)
14. Brushing & Flossing with Dudley & DeeDee (Cartoon; Elementary)
22. Dudley Collection (4 videos in one/ Cartoon; Elementary)
15. Safety in the Dental Office & Back To School Dental Exams
16. It=s Dental Flossophy, Charlie Brown (Cartoon, Elementary)
17. The Incredible Ride - Colgate (Cartoon; Elementary)
18. Protect Your Winning Smile: Mouthguards (high school) (w/booklet)
19. Protect Your Winning Smile: Mouthguards (grade school) (w/booklet)
20. Massachusetts Dental Society: One by One - Making a Difference; How to Recognize and Report Suspected Cases of Abuse and Neglect (w/booklet)
21. Some Children Need Special Care (Children with handicaps) * The Best is Yet to Be (Pre-natal) * Portrait of a Profession (Career promotion) * Oral Exfoliative Cytology
22. Timmy the Tooth: Molar Island
23. Timmy the Tooth: Lost my Brush
24. Timmy the Tooth: Operation: Secret Birthday Surprise
NEW 215. Melvin’s Magical Mouth Museum – ADA – Lower Elementary Level
NEW 216. The Vide Project – ADA - Junior High Level
NEW 217. Watch Your Mouth!! – ADA - High School Level
NEW 218. Dudley’s Visit to the Dentist - ADA
NEW 219. Brushing with Dudley & Dee Dee - ADA
NEW 220. Dudley & Dee Dee in Nutritionland - ADA


33. Cosmetic Dentistry: The Ultimate Aesthetic Restoration/Porcelain Veneer (Comfortes, AGD Video Journal of Dentistry)
25. Cosmetic Dentistry: All Ceramic Anterior Restoration - Restoring Function & Esthetics (Roach/Coachman/Fohey, AGD Video Journal of Dentistry)
26. Esthetic Dentistry; Non-Vital Teeth/Adult Orthodontics/Dentistry and the Aging Population (ADA Lifetime Medical TV Series)
27. Esthetics in Dentistry
28. The Esthetic Failure: Prevention and Correction
29. Porcelain Veneers / Successful Money Management


41. Direct Reimbursement; A Nationwide Practice


30. Dental Health in Later Years * The Senior Smile
31. Options - Dental Health in Later Years * The Senior Smile
32. Smile America
33. Daily Dental Care for The Elderly (w/booklet) 2 copies
34. Oral Care for the Dependent Patient (W. Virginia Univ. Health Sciences)
35. Caregiver=s Guide to Oral Health (Indiana State Dept. Of Health) (w/booklet)
NEW! 48. Healthcare for People with Developmental Disabilities
NEW! 49. Keeping Your Smile for a Lifetime/Bite into Dental Health


50. Medical Emergencies: Managing Medical Emergencies In The Dental Office (Malamed, AGD Video Journal of Dentistry)
36. Dental Office Emergencies/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation


54. Endodontics: Restoring The Endodontically Treated Tooth (Manning, AGD Video Journal of Dentistry)
37. Predictably Successful Endodontics


58. Removable Prosthodontics: Mandibular Overdentures (Epstein, AGD Video Journal of Dentistry)
38. Implant Prosthodontics: Principles & Implant Retained Overdentures (Finger/Guerrs, AGD Video Journal of Dentistry)
39. Bar Overdenture Concepts in Edentulous Implant Prosthodontics (Charlie English - 2 tapes, 3 hrs, 11 mins)
40. Implant Prosthodontics: Non-Removable (Hybrid & Fixed) Restorations (Finger/Guerra, AGD Video Journal of Dentistry)
41. Implants I; Implants II; The Health Professional=s Databank (ADA LifetimeTV Series)


65. The Concepts of Four Handed Dentistry
42. Nutrition and Fitness
43. Controlled Substances: Medicine or Drugs of Abuse? (25 mins.)
44. Fluoridation, A White Paper (Promotion for public water) * Reading, Writing and Rinsing (Documentary explaining fluoride mouth rinse) * Options - Dental Health in Later Years *
45. Intravenous Conscious Sedation for Dentistry
46. Preserving the Natural Dentition for a Lifetime of Service
47. New Techniques, Products, and Concepts in Restorative Dentistry
48. The Management of Pain and Anxiety in Dentistry


75. Video Study Club: Oral Surgery for the General Dentist and Anterior Teeth-Esthetics, Phonetics, and Function
49. Oral Surgery: Simplifying Difficult Extractions (Koerner, AGD Video Journal of Dentistry)
50. Bringing the Surgery Aspect of your Practice Up to Date
51. Advances in Conservative Operative Dentistry


81. Interceptive Orthodontics


52. OSHA: What You Must Know@
53. OSHA: Refresher Course Staff Training
54. Infection Control in the Dental Environment
87. Effective Infection Control: A Training Program for Your Dental Office. (ADA)


90. Pediodontic Update


93. How Peer Review Works; The Joan Beck Case


95. Periodontics: Clinical Considerations of Non-Surgical Treatment (Rolfs/Burnett/O=Hehir, AGD Video Journal of Dentistry)
56. Periodontal Diagnosis; Esthetic Dentistry; Vital Teeth; Dentistry and AIDS
57. Periodontal Treatment; Ergonomics of the Dental Office; Dentistry and OSHA
58. Alternative Periodontal Therapeutics
59. Video Dentistry: Prevention and Treatment of Periodontal Pockets


102. Video Dentistry: Practice Management
60. Strategies for Profitability Management (Dr. Michael Schuster) 2 copies


61. Introduction to Basic Concepts in Dental Radiography - Video and Study Guide (Prepares assistants for the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) radiography exam - rental fee of $5.00 for 1 weeks.) 4 copies
62. Practical Dental Radiography/ Dr. John W. Brand


105. Achievable Excellence in Creative Restorations (Harold Shavell - 2 tapes, 2 hrs, 47 mins)
63. Video Study Club: Reaching Your Restorative Potential Through Periodontics and the Occlusal Connection
64. Video Dentistry: Predictable Restorative Procedures
NEW! 108. The Worn Dentitition and Rule of Thirds/Terry Tanaka


110. Risk Management/Professional Liability Aspects of the Doctor-Patient Relationship (w/booklet)
65. Risk Management/Techniques of Endodontic Procedures (w/booklet)
66. Risk Management/Oral Surgery (w/booklet)
67. Risk Management/Even Good Guys Get Sued
68. Risk Management/Diagnosing and Managing the Periodontal Patient (w/booklet)


69. Temporomandibular Disorders: TMD - A Team Approach To Diagnosis & Treatment (McNeil/Faculty & Staff, UC (San Francisco), AGD Video Journal of Dentistry)


119. Smokeless Tobacco; The Risks (4th grade & up)
70. Smokeless Tobacco - Is it Really Safe ( American Lung Assn; 5 min.)
71. How to Help your Patients Stop Using Tobacco - 2 copies
72. Tobacco: It Can Snuff You Out
73. Slides: Smokeless Tobacco - AThe Silent Killer@ (w/booklet)
74. Slides: Smokeless Tobacco - AJust Like Chuck@ (w/booklet)


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