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Handling Dental Amalgam Waste

Dental amalgam can be recycled to help prevent the release of mercury to the environment.  The ADA has developed Best Management Practices for Amalgam Waste.  To obtain a copy of the BMPs, link to .

Members of MDA are encouraged to follow the steps suggested by ADA for recycling amalgam waste.

The ADA has prepared a directory of amalgam recyclers that is available on the ADA website at .  Also, to further assist its members, MDA offers the following information about several companies that manage amalgam waste.  This information is offered for informational purposes and should not be used as a substitute for a dentist's own evaluation of a prospective amalgam recycler.

  1. Safety-Kleen Systems (serves western Montana)
    9516 E. Montgomery, #19
    Spokane, WA  99206
    Telephone: 509-928-8353

    Safety-Kleen Systems (serves eastern Montana)
    3704 Saratoga Avenue
    Bismarck, ND  58503
    Telephone: 701-222-8262

    Price of Safety-Kleen amalgam system
    1 gallon $ 89.00
    2 gallon $129.00
    5 gallon $159.00

    Safety-Kleen offers a pick-up service for dental amalgam waste, contact and non- contact.  Waste amalgam, along with waste from chairside traps and vacuum filters, is collected and placed in DOT-EPA-approved storage containers and necessary labeling is provided.  When the container is full a service representative will remove and replace the container.  This pickup service is offered in most Montana cities and towns. Safety-Kleen also offers a pick-up service for photo fixer/developer and waste lead and lead foil.  They offer a mail-back service for biohazard sharps.  A company representative will come to your office to explain their recycling program.

  2. Maguire & Stickland
    1290 81st Avenue NE
    Minneapolis, MN  55432
    Telephone: 800-486-2858

    Prices of Strickland amalgam mail-back system
    1 gallon $ 89.95
    2 1/2 gallon $119.95
    5 gallon $199.95

    Strickland supplies a prepaid amalgam waste package.  They accept contact and non-contact dental amalgam, soft and hard plastic amalgam traps, and teeth with amalgam. When the container is filled, you call UPS for pick-up. Strickland prepays for shipping charges.  Amalgam need not be sterilized.

  3. Mercury Waste Solutions, Inc.
    21211 Durand Avenue
    Union Grove, WI  53182
    Telephone: 800-741-3343

    Price of Mercury Waste Solutions amalgam recycling system 5 gallon $250.00
    Mercury Waste Solutions, Inc. accepts contact and non-contact amalgam. Contact amalgam must be disinfected.

  4. Amalgaway
    3672 East Raymond Street
    Indianapolis, IN  46203
    Telephone: 800-267-1467

    Price of Amalgaway amalgam recycling system $99.95 per container that usually takes 4-6 weeks to fill. Amalgaway offers a amalgam water mail-back system.  They accept contact and non-contact amalgam.  It need not be sterilized.

  5. Sure-Way now picks up Amalgam in small amounts

    In an effort to meet the needs of their customers, Sure-Way has worked with the State of Montana to develop program to pick-up amalgam waste in quantities es small as 1 cup, at a rate of $36.00 per pint collected. This new service will be coordinated with the company's medical waste services. The waste will be separately manifested to demonstrate that the dental office is properly disposing of mercury amalgam waste. There will be no additional pick-up charge so long as medical waste is picked up at the same time. For information about the new service, contact the company at email address:


Liability Insurance Reminder

The Montana Dental Association has withdrawn its endorsement of The Medical Protective-Hartford professional liability insurance program effective January 1, 2004. MDA found the Cincinnati Insurance Program to be superior in coverage and pricing.

MDA is pleased to continue its relationship with Gary Basso and Hoiness LaBar Insurance, Inc. as State Administrator for the new program.

MDA encourages you to take advantage of the comprehensive coverage and competitive premiums offered by Cincinnati Insurance through Hoiness LaBar Insurance, Inc.  For more information, please contact Gary Basso at 800/877-0115 or 238-1900.


ADA Booklet Provides Dental Benefit Tips

It's never been easier to promote dental benefits.

Not only has the ADA recently published a new buyer's guide about direct reimbursement, it's distributing the guide, along with its other benefits materials, free of charge.

MDA members can obtain copies of these materials by contacting our direct reimbursement consultant, Bruce and Jackie Wagner of Wagner Insurance, telephone 406-225-3699. The new publication, "A Buyer's Guide to Dental Benefits," is a colorful 12-page booklet that educates benefits purchasers on options in dental benefits plans.

Specifically, the publication addresses a variety of issues, including why companies offer dental benefits, the differences between medical and dental care, things to look for in a dental plan, who should be covered, various central plan types and the ADA Plan Analysis Service. The booklet also includes a glossary of terms.

It is designed to educate benefits decisionmakers on the variety of dental plans available to them in order to help them find the one that best meets their needs.


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