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Dental association services and products

Montana Dental Association
Main Number: 406/443-2061
In State Toll Free: 800/257-4988
Fax: 406/443-1546

American Dental Association
Toll Free: 800/621-8099
ADA Saleable Materials: 800/947-4746


Government Agencies and Representatives

Child Abuse Hot Line (PANDA)
Main Line: 406-444-6647

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
Toll free in Montana 877-543-7669, Helena & out of state (406) 444-6971

Oral Health Program, DPHHS
Main Line: 406/444-0276

Drug Enforcement Administration (Denver, CO)
Toll Free: 800/326-6900

Indian Health Service, Division of Oral Health

Montana Board of Dentistry
Main Line: 406/841-2390

Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality: Hazardous Waste
Main Line: 406/444-1435

Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality: Infectious Waste
Main Line: 406/444-5345

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services
Main Line: 406/444-5622

Montana DPHHS Radiological Health Coordinator
Main Line: 406/444-5266

Montana Insurance Commissioner
Main Line: 406/444-2040

Montana Legislature
Main Line: 406/444-4800

Montana Medicaid Dental Office
Main Line: 406/444-3182

Montana Primary Care Association

Montana Professional Assistance Program
Main Line: 406/245-4300

National Health Service Corps, Job Opportunities

OSHA (Billings)
Toll Free: 800/488-7087

Senator Max Baucus
Toll Free: 800/332-6106

Senator Jon Tester
(202) 224-2644

Representative Dennis Rehberg
Main Line: 202/225-3211


Dental Hygienist and Assisting Programs

Dental Assisting National Board (DANB)
Main Line: 312/642-3368
Toll Free: 800/367-3262

Dental Hygienist and Assisting Program, MSU-Great Falls
Main Line: 406/771-4350

Dental Assisting Program, Salish Kootenai College
Main Line: 406/675-4800

Montana Dental Hygienists' Assoc. Employment Network
Main Line: 406/256-3886


Community Dentistry Clinics and Programs

Caring Program
Toll Free: 800/447-7828, ext. 8623

Cooperative Dental Clinic (Lewis & Clark County)
Main Line: 406/443-2584

Deering Clinic/Project for the Homeless (Billings)
Main Line: 406/247-3353

Donated Dental Services (Dentistry for the Handicapped)
Main Line: 406/449-9670
Toll Free: 888/449-9670

Great Falls/Cascade County Dental Clinic
Main Line: 406/454-6950

Partnership Health Center (Missoula County)
Main Line: 406/523-4769

Riverstone Health (Billings)
Main Line: 406/247-3333


MDA Endorsed Products and Services

The Montana Dental Association has endorsed several products and services that can benefit your practice and which provide income to the Association. These include:

Montana Dental Association

MDA Group Benefits Trust

If you already are a member with user name and password, click here.

The Montana Dental Association provides a wide range of member services, one of the more valued is the group medical plan.

The medical plan is called the Montana Dental Association Group Benefits Trust. The trust is self-insured, managed by six trustees. The claims administrator is Employee Benefit Management Services, Inc. located in Billings, Montana.

As of January 1, 2012, the trust provides group medical insurance to over 150 dental offices and to over 250 dentists and employees; the Trust offers four different benefit options - each uniquely designed to provide coverage and benefits that the membership has indicated best meets the needs of the dental profession. There are two high deductible health plans which are health savings account (HSA) eligible. The Trust has a reserve fund that helps keep the annual premium increases much lower than other options. A second tool used by the Trust is catastrophic claims reinsurance. This limits the claims losses charged to the plan, also functioning as a premium leveling mechanism.

All of the benefit designs provide "first dollar" preventive benefits which means 100% coverage for well-child care, mammograms, colonoscopies, immunizations and yearly exams to name a few. All plans also provide a 100% paid annual eye exam, through VSP. You can get complete information and request a quote by calling our insurance consultant, Mountain West Benefit Solutions at-1-877-343-1060 or email

To review the medical plans that are available to you and your firm, click on the following link and choose "Association Benefits"

Mountain West Benefit Solutions

Dara Anderson | Director, Account Sales Service & Support | Mountain West Benefits
3390 Colton Drive, Ste A | Helena, MT, 59602
406-441-4713 | 406-442-1913 | |


Cincinnati Insurance

Montana Dental Association
Professional Liability & Dental Practice Package Insurance

Payne Financial Group / Hoiness LaBar Insurance
& Cincinnati Insurance Company 

1 (800) 877-0115 or (406) 238-1910

Professional Liability and Dental Practice Protection:
The MDA endorses Hoiness LaBar Insurance, a member of The Payne Financial Group and their trusted partner carrier The Cincinnati Insurance Company.  It is through this endorsement which MDA members can purchase both Professional Liability and comprehensive Practice coverage. Hoiness LaBar Insurance has been the endorsed agent for the MDA for over 30 years.  Over 300 practicing dentists in Montana are currently insured with Cincinnati Insurance through PFG. We have both local agents and local adjusters to provide the best service possible to the MDA members.
Cincinnati Insurance and Occurrence vs. Claims-Made coverage:
Cincinnati Insurance Company has an AM Best Rating of A+ VX, and was recently recognized by Forbes magazine as The Most Trustworthy Company for large-cap, publicly traded companies in the US.  Forbes evaluated over 8,000 companies in all industries, not just insurance companies, and they chose Cincinnati as the most Trustworthy.
Cincinnati Insurance has been insuring dentists for over 50 years and they are one of the largest writers of dentists in the country.   They have always used the Occurrence form.  When the professional liability crises hit, all carriers writing professional liability either switched to the more limited Claims-Made form, or quit writing professional liability all together.  Not Cincinnati, they continued to offer the broader Occurrence form to their clients. They always have, and always will, provide their clients the broadest coverage possible. 

For more on how PFG’s services fit your needs, talk to your Payne Financial Group Advisor:

Nate Allie, AAI, CIC
Payne Financial Group / Hoiness LaBar
Toll Free: (800) 877-0115
Direct: (406) 238-1910
Fax: (406) 245-9887

Payne Financial Group

Best Card LLC


CREDIT CARD PROCESSING: 2,400+ dental practices save an annual average of 26% or $1,399 annually by switching to Best Card! MDA members receive great rates and features including:

  • Next day funding. Close your batch by 4pm MST, you’ll receive the funds the next day.
    • One deposit and one statement for all cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover & American Express).
  • Consistent low rates. (Best Card had only two rate increases in nine years.)
  • No hidden fees. A low $36 annual PCI fee. (Most processors charge $79-$199.)
  • $0 or low set-up fees for terminals and online systems.
    • No pressure to buy anything you don’t need. Can usually re-download existing equipment.
    • EMV & contactless capable terminals starting at $149 (for Best Card merchants only using one-time $100 discount on EMV/NFC equipment).
  • Online systems available – enabling you to:
    • swipe cards at your computer and print to 2-1/4” receipt paper
    • accept online payments via a “Make a Payment” link on your website
    • set up recurring payments
  • Unparalleled, personalized customer service.

DO THE MATH. A simple calculation is to divide your monthly processing fees charged by the dollar volume of credit cards processed. If greater than 2.1%, you are probably paying too much.

Example: Fees ($289) divided by total credit card volume processed ($9765) = 2.96% (effective rate charged). You will almost certainly save $$$ with Best Card!

Fax or email a recent statement to Best Card at 866.717.7247 or They will send you a detailed and complimentary cost comparison showing the savings your office will receive and a $5 Starbucks gift card.

Call for more information:
Ph: 877.739.3952
Fax: 866-717-7247

Best Card is endorsed by nineteen dental and medical associations including the Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota Montana, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Washington & Wyoming state dental associations; the American Equilibration Society, the American Prosthodontics Society, the Pacific Coast Society for Prosthodontics, Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, Colorado Chiropractic Association, and the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians.

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Montana Dental Association
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P.O. Box 1154
Helena, Montana 59624

800-257-4988 (In Montana only)
406-443-2061 (in the Helena area)
Fax: 406-443-1546