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The Montana Oral Health Foundation

The Montana Oral Health Foundation (MOHF) was formed in 1999 by leaders of the Montana Dental Association. It is an affiliate of MDA, representing nearly 90 percent of the state’s practicing dentists. It is the only 501 (c) (3) charitable and educational foundation dedicated exclusively to promoting and advancing the oral health of Montanans.

The primary project that stimulated dentists to found MOHF was the need to help fund a new Montana school of dental hygiene. That goal was reached in 2002 when the MSU-Great Falls College of Technology opened its door to its first dental hygiene class, thanks in part to a generous gift of $75,000 from MOHF.

MOHF’s mission is to provide funding for education of dentists and allied dental professionals who serve Montana and for the direct oral health care of indigent Montanans.

More specifically, the Foundation was created:

MOHF’s Future

As MOHF completed its seed funding for dental hygiene education, it has turned to other ongoing needs, including:

Your Gift

Donor support for MOHF’s activities is essential. Your contribution can be made annually or as a commitment over time.

Montana Oral Health Foundation
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Phone: 406/443-2061 or 800/257-4988
Fax: 406/443-1546

All it takes is your support . . . Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to dentistry’s future and the oral health of Montanans.




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