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You Can Affect your Government

The Montana Dental Association represents your interests in the dental health policy debate at all levels of government. The MDA follows the activities of local, state, and federal officials to make sure that your interests and the dental health care needs of all Montana citizens are represented.

The Montana Dental Association helps to keep you involved in important health public policy debates and informed of the issues that affect your practice.

The Montana Dental Association Political Action Committee, MoDePAC

What Is MoDePAC?

MoDePAC is the political action committee organized by MDA. Membership is open to dentists, their spouses, or members of the dentist's immediate family. The PAC is governed by a board of directors comprised of one director from each MDA component who serves for a three‑year term. Contributions from the PAC are limited to state political candidates. MoDePACs directors decide which candidates will receive campaign contributions. Political action committees in Montana are authorized under the Campaign Finance and Practices Laws. The laws contain limits on how much a candidate may receive from a PAC.

Members of MoDePAC know that the decisions made by politicians affect how dentists manage their everyday lives and their dental practices. Each session of the Montana legislature many bills are introduced that affect oral health care, dental insurance, small businesses, and access to dental care. MoDePAC ensures that the voices of dentists and organized dentistry are heard.  The political action committee makes campaign contributions to assist candidates with their election efforts.  

‘99 Club — Funding for the Montana Dental Association Grassroots Efforts

What is the '99 Club?

Funds from '99 Club are spent to support the association's grassroots contact network and to educate public officials and legislators about dentistry's political issues. Funds help defray lobbying costs and pay for sponsoring Dental Day at the Montana Legislature, including the dinner hosted by MDA for legislators.

The ‘99 Club funds also have been used to pay the expenses of MDA members who attend the national issues conference in Washington DC sponsored by the American Dental Association’s political action committee, ADPAC.  Money collected for MDA's '99 Club may not be used for direct contributions to candidates.

2013-2014 MoDePAC Board of Directors

 Dr. Kevin A. Miltko
 District 1
Dr. Roger Newman
District 2
Dr. Kevin Miltko
District 3
Dr. Dan O’Neill

District 4
Dr. Stephen Spencer
District 5
Dr. Kevin Rencher
District 6
Dr. Tony Frederickson
District 7
Dr. Jerry Martin

District 8
Dr. James Kolstad
District 9
Dr. Amy Fuller
District 10
Dr. Richard L. Fink


Dr. Lisa M Abeln
Dr. Lori M Aleksic
Dr. Frederick E Anderson
Dr. John J Atchinson
Dr. Kenneth J Bagby
Dr. Robert T Bartoletti
Dr. Dale A Bax
Dr. Robert W Bergeson
Dr. Chuck L Blackburn
Dr. Allen A Blackford
Dr. Heather N Blanchard
Dr. Michael C Bowman
Dr. Robert W Bowman
Dr. Andrew G Boyce
Dr. William D Brennick
Dr. Kevin M Brewer
Dr. Brett C Bruggeman
Dr. Neal J Buffington
Dr. David W Bull
Dr. Gregory M Burns
Dr. Benjamin D Bushnell
Dr. Dean W Calderwood
Dr. Dale R Chamberlain
Dr. Christian L Claeys
Dr. Cameron N Clark
Dr. Richard R Coburn
Dr. James B Cory
Dr. Alan R Crist
Dr. Jody L Crowl
Dr. Jeffrey A Dalen
Dr. Eric  Daniels
Dr. Ryan T Dee
Dr. Padraig C Dennehy
Dr. Lindsey A Dundas
Dr. Annette  Dusseau
Dr. Travis T Elder
Dr. Traci W Elison
Dr. Quinn D Erwin
Dr. Brett R Felton
Dr. Charles D Field
Dr. Richard L Fink
Dr. Jason H Fleischmann
Dr. April N Foster
Dr. Jeffrey C Foster
Dr. Tony A Frederickson
Dr. Amy J Fuller
Dr. Brian S Fuller
Dr. Matthew L Garson
Dr. Edith J Gillette
Dr. Kyle  Goroski
Dr. Joshua L Green
Dr. Alison E Grover
Dr. Douglas S Hadnot

Dr. Mark  Haemig
Dr. Christopher  Hall
Dr. Jason E Helms
Dr. J R Hickman
Dr. Steven M Hillberry
Dr. Christopher A Hirt
Dr. Eric T Hogan
Dr. Robin D Hogan
Dr. Ryan  Huckeby
Dr. Andrew C Hyams
Dr. Gary A Jagodzinski
Dr. Ronald C Jarvis
Dr. Robert A Jestrab
Dr. David W Johnson
Dr. James H Johnson
Dr. Stephen P Johnson
Dr. Jackie S Jones
Dr. Shannon E Jones
Dr. Robert  Jose
Dr. Robert  Jose
Dr. Jeffrey J Karvandi
Dr. David C Keim
Dr. David H Kiesling
Dr. Roger L Kiesling
Dr. Terry R Klise
Dr. Thad  Langford
Dr. Tom R Lidahl
Dr. Mark J Lies
Dr. Kurt S Lindemann
Dr. P J Maes
Dr. Anne M Marcotte
Dr. Jerry D Martin
Dr. Paul R Martineau
Dr. Barrie L Matthews
Dr. David F Mawyer
Dr. Jesse L McClung
Dr. John B McCollum
Dr. Gabe  McCormick
Dr. Ingrid S McLellan
Dr. Steven R Mendive
Dr. Joseph C Meng
Dr. Melinda H Meng
Dr. Vincent W Meng
Dr. Kevin A Miltko
Dr. K C Mitchell
Dr. Matthew C Moen
Dr. Jessica E Mongelli
Dr. Eric  Monson
Dr. Veronica  Montgomery
Dr. John P Moore
Dr. Steve M Mosby
Dr. Ronald E Neal
Dr. Robert A Neill
Dr. Roger K Newman
Dr. Norman T Nybo

Dr. Gerald W Olson
Dr. Daniel J O'Neill
Dr. Adam W Ostby
Dr. Marlene A Ostby
Dr. James E Patterson
Dr. Daniel A Pence
Dr. Timothy H Pfister
Dr. Bryan K Pike
Dr. Garry E Pitts
Dr. John M Remien
Dr. Kevin L Rencher
Dr. Joseph E Reyling
Dr. Kelly A Reynolds
Dr. Michelle K Roberts
Dr. Gayle A Roset
Dr. Dustin S Rubink
Dr. William R Samson
Dr. Cynthia L Schroeder
Dr. Scott R Schroeder
Dr. Frederick Schwendeman
Dr. Kathryn A Sealey
Dr. David D Semrau
Dr. Gayle R Siemers
Dr. Paul G Sims
Dr. Curtis P Skillestad
Dr. Connie L Small
Dr. Kenneth C Small
Dr. John E Smith
Dr. Stephen J Spencer
Dr. R J Spierling
Dr. J S Stroeher
Dr. Michael E Taylor
Dr. Anthony D Thiessen
Dr. Paul F Thomas
Dr. Reed E Thompson
Dr. Thomas A Thurston
Dr. Thomas A Thurston
Dr. Susan B Tiede
Dr. Cameron J Townsend
Dr. James E Turley
Dr. Jason J Vaira
Dr. Michael A Veseth
Dr. Jere P Walters
Dr. Matthew A West
Dr. Daniel C Whitney
Dr. Steven J Whitney
Dr. James B Willis
Dr. Bernadette L Wilson
Dr. Charles L Wilson
Dr. Bert W Winterholler
Dr. William B Winterholler
Dr. Thomas C Wolgamot
Dr. Barry E Yaskus
Dr. Donald G Youngbauer
Dr. Mary R Youngbauer



How to Contact Your State Legislator

During the legislative session: Call the Session Information Desk at 406-444-4800 to leave a message for as many as five legislators or one legislative committee per call. Your message will be delivered directly to the legislators. The TTY (Telephone Device for the Deaf) number is 406-444-4462.

The Session Information Desk is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and from 8 a.m. to adjournment on Saturdays.

By Mail

A well-written letter is one of the best ways to let your legislator know your thoughts and opinions about a particular issue. Here are some tips for getting your message across effectively:

Address letters to:
Senator XXXX
Montana Senate
PO Box 200500
Helena, MT 59620-0500


Montana House of Representatives
PO Box 200400
Helena, MT 59620-0400

By Fax

During sessions:
House 406-444-4825
Senate 406-444-4875

Current Montana Government Officials:


Montana Dental Association
38 South Last Chance Gulch, Ste. 205
P.O. Box 1154
Helena, Montana 59624

800-257-4988 (In Montana only)
406-443-2061 (in the Helena area)
Fax: 406-443-1546