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Oral Cancer

While smoking cigarettes or chewing smokeless tobacco can lead to many adverse medical conditions, one of the most common and preventable is oral cancer. Although only half of those diagnosed with oral cancer survive more than five years, the good news is that oral cancers are often easily detected and prognosis is good if caught early.

Oral cancers are found in the mouth and pharynx and can affect the lips, gums, cheek lining, tongue, and hard or soft palate. Signs of oral cancer include red or white sores in the mouth that do not heal, discoloration of oral tissues, and tenderness or difficulty chewing or swallowing due to pain in the mouth and lips. Your dentist can quickly screen you for oral cancer during your regular checkup, and early detection is your best chance at a positive outcome. Ask your dentist about further information on quitting and prevention of tobacco-related illness.

The Montana Tobacco Quit Line provides free counseling and information on tobacco cessation tailored to your individual needs. Quitting smoking or chewing can not only lessen your risk of oral and other cancers, but help you breath easier, have more energy, a better sense of taste and smell, save money, and extend your life expectancy.

Depending on the caller's needs, the Quit Line offers:

For more information on the Montana Tobacco Quit Line follow the link below or call 1-866-485-7848.

For additional information on tobacco use, visit the following web sites:

Montana DPHHS Tobacco Use Prevention Page

Montana Department of Health and Human Services



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